Saturday, November 1, 2008

finished costumes!

Finished and ready for candy! This costume took forever to sew on all the colored patches to both sides of her wings! When it was in my head it seemed really simple and I didn't even consider the time it would take to cut out and sew on individual pieces. The wings are supported inside the layers with wire (bailing wire)
This started out as a store costume.
Yet it didn't cover much since it was a tank top with a tutu ruffle. So I took all apart and sewed the orginal bodice to a green satin bodice with needed long sleeves. (I was soo lucky to find fabrics that blended with the original dress) Then I added length to the skirt to her ankles, and a sparkly overlay with pink organza petals over that. My daughter felt like Tinkerbell but Tinkerbell going to the Prom!
This one I did sew but years ago! My veil from my wedding and a flower girl dress from my brother in laws wedding. Hurray for that, mom got off with only 2 costumes to sew.


Aaron and Reina said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE! Love the costumes! What pretty little girls! I planned the kid's costumes for cold Halloween weather too, and it was actually really WARM! How was it up there?

Annie Carie said...

Great job on the tinkerbell costume, you did awesome!! I hope it was easier to do than it looks.

WOW they are all SO adorable!!

mer said...

so cute! you did a great job and your girls are gorgeous :).

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