Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Fabric Ring Stacking Toy

 I noticed my daughter really enjoyed playing with some stacking rings when we were out visiting.  With her approaching birthday I decided to make her some.

Stacking rings are sort of fundamental toy and a classic one at that and I love classic toys.

I dug through my fabric stash and pulled out a bunch of scraps and pieces.  I knew this project would be great for using remnant smaller pieces.

I thought it would be fun to approach it like a mini quilt and sew together fabrics to create the look I wanted.

Some of my rings have one fabric on one side and another fabric on the other side.  Which I think is lots of fun.

I noticed when I was stuffing the rings that the natural tendency is for the ring to square up.  I think this is due to the fact that four edges have a straight grain and the other four are on the bias and move out of their rounded shape and let it look squarish.  I am not sure how to overcome that.  Perhaps with a fusible interfacing?  One that isn't too stiff but stabilizes the the bias so it doesn't stretch out of place and the rings maintain their roundness.

I  pulled out the quilt top I had finished and a couple other fabric toys I have made for color comparison and included those for reference.

I wanted them to look cohesive and also didn't want them to have too much of the same fabrics.  I am sure my baby girl won't care one way or another but it will make me happy when I look at it.  Which equals lots of happy!

I did a web search for patterns and amazingly didn't find much.  So used circle templates.  Later I searched and found lots more but by then I had already made mine.

This link is like the ones I made
I really loved the  pattern I found today by Heather Bailey and wished I'd found it couple months ago.
here is a link so you can have it!

If you notice my base is very flat I did not stuff it but used a firm interfacing that is often used in purse or handbag construction.  I love it!  I also used it in making the cone shape and it has lots of support. So that meant less batting in the cone.

I am pleased with how it turned out and I am glad she likes he birthday gift that I made for her.
In the end that's all that matters!

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