Saturday, July 16, 2011

A little Angel at our House!

Here is the latest creation of mine! I think I am proudest of these creations!
First they take 9+ months to make and they turn out so-ooo cute!
So here she is in all her newborn cuteness!
Baby E!

That's right I have a 4th girl. We adore her so much already!
I think thats just what I make!  So we are a family of 7 now.  With our 4 girls a boy
and of course the mama and daddy!

My sister told me I did a good job taking this picture.  I just took a snap shot
of my new baby on a blanket the evening we came home from the hospital.
The truth is it is a very average photo that I doctored up on my photo
editing iPhoto on my Mac. I faded the color nearly all the way and increased
the pink tones, upped the contrast, and blurred the edges.
Here is the original picture.  She still looks like my cute baby, minus the glowy
whimsy the effects add.

There are lots of places that have free photo editing to try out.
I always make a duplicate to play around with first.
I play around with Picasa lots.  I like to make my blog collages with Picasa.
Give it a try!

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