Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lady bug fat quarters

I purchased a darling fabric fat quarters bundle when I was pregnant.
Playing around with them I had a t first thought to make a little quilt top.
But then I just couldn't resist the ladybugs being a little dress.

I did a little smocking in the center.
i was so proud of myself for finding floss that matched so well
then when I was done wished it hadn't matched so well
because you barely see it.
Instead of running it through a pleater I did the dot pleat method on the back of the fabric.
It was such a small area so I thought it wouldn't be too bad.
Made me glad I have my mum's pleater for big jobs though, smile!

In the back I left the skirt open and turned the edges under.
I wanted to ruffle the bum area and be able to see it.
I ran 1 1/2 inch strips through my serger to do a bound rolled edge.
Then I gathered, pinned and sewed them  across the bottom.

It turned out pretty cute and my baby looks darling in it!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Shopping at Pine Needles in Utah

My sisters, my mom and I went to Gardners Village in Utah.
My favorite was the shop called Pine Needles
I could have bought the entire store!
I loved every inch of that place! My goodness it was a candy store.

I know my sister and I were wishing we could some how be wealthier that minute.

Another sister and I recently went to a shop in Denver such fun.
(have to blog about that place later)
I believe this will be a new tradition to go to quilt shops on our travels.

Creating "Reminiscing" in Yellow

Do you have memories of babies when you were little?
I am 6 years older than my sister C and I remember her coming home from the hospital clearly.
I also clearly remember a dress she had that was yellow with scallops across it and a little duck.
The world just doesn't make baby things like that any more

my angel baby E modeling her new dress

I found a pattern Simplicity 2392 a vintage reprint with the scallop design
and I knew what I wanted to do in an instant.

I found some lovely yellow fabrics and some lace with a vintage feeling and set to it.
I was tickles with how it turned out.

I also made a diaper cover to match and covered the bum with lace ruffles.
(The diaper cover isn't included with that pattern)

Having fun making some sweet little baby gowns.

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