Saturday, December 29, 2007

Gingerbread Girls!

As a little girl My mom would make Gingerbread chains to use as an Advent calender to count down the days to Christmas. Last year I got a yummy recipe that I love to make! I always supposed that Gingerbread men were hard to make but they are so fun and yummier than any I have ever eaten before!
I usually adorn their spicy cheeks with Red hot cinnamon candies. Yet every store we searched for them at, they were out or they did not carry them! How tedious to look so many places without success! So we have their faces created with gum drops!
Here are my girls with the Gingerbread girls they designed this year! Hula skirts and all, LOL!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Surprises from my Elf!

Gift giving time!
My fam always has an drawign to see who wil give to whom.
This Year my Elf gave me a great gift!

I recieved it in the mail. who ever wrapped it picked pretty paper! I love that celery green color! I even like the card that looks like I could re-create it with some of my stamps!

This is book is Watercolor Fairies.
I have been dabbling in Watercolors and this will be a fun book to try some new techniques from.

I'll be getting my paints out and trying out my skills soon. I'll post any good atempts!

Aren't these illustrations and paintings fabulous!
A lot of them are pencil sketches that get painted .

Monday, December 3, 2007

My sister is Famous!

Mer, is famous!! At least in her Town of Knoxville!

She had her home in a Holiday Home show!
She did a beautiful job!!!
Her rooms are adorable and chic!
Check it out on her web mag! MerMag
I loved seeing everything! Wish she lived closer so we could sit and look at her decorations together!
I love her doll tree that she bought 2 years ago!
I was inspired to put a kid tree together for my girls with little stuffed toys on it in lime green and bright red! Of course her tree is in my favorite color- PINK!

Saturday, December 1, 2007


What is it about the cold weather that draws me to bake and make?

I love to have hot cocoa with something yummy in hand. This brings me to flour and mouth watering sugary greatness!
Fresh donuts can't be beat! Especially when they are still warm and freshly glazed too!

It was great my sisters and a friend came over, we chatted and ate my donuts.
A bit crisp on the edges and soft and airy almost like a cream puff inside. If they aren't puffed full of airy bliss, then I don't care much for them. Dense donuts aren't for me!

I cut my recipe in half and still get 5-6 dozen donuts! Wow! I definitely invite folks over to help eat them Up!

Just looking at my pictures gets my mouth all ready for a big bite!
Now to find the perfect recipe for French Crullers! I wonder if I could make those delicious things?
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