Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lady bug fat quarters

I purchased a darling fabric fat quarters bundle when I was pregnant.
Playing around with them I had a t first thought to make a little quilt top.
But then I just couldn't resist the ladybugs being a little dress.

I did a little smocking in the center.
i was so proud of myself for finding floss that matched so well
then when I was done wished it hadn't matched so well
because you barely see it.
Instead of running it through a pleater I did the dot pleat method on the back of the fabric.
It was such a small area so I thought it wouldn't be too bad.
Made me glad I have my mum's pleater for big jobs though, smile!

In the back I left the skirt open and turned the edges under.
I wanted to ruffle the bum area and be able to see it.
I ran 1 1/2 inch strips through my serger to do a bound rolled edge.
Then I gathered, pinned and sewed them  across the bottom.

It turned out pretty cute and my baby looks darling in it!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Shopping at Pine Needles in Utah

My sisters, my mom and I went to Gardners Village in Utah.
My favorite was the shop called Pine Needles
I could have bought the entire store!
I loved every inch of that place! My goodness it was a candy store.

I know my sister and I were wishing we could some how be wealthier that minute.

Another sister and I recently went to a shop in Denver such fun.
(have to blog about that place later)
I believe this will be a new tradition to go to quilt shops on our travels.

Creating "Reminiscing" in Yellow

Do you have memories of babies when you were little?
I am 6 years older than my sister C and I remember her coming home from the hospital clearly.
I also clearly remember a dress she had that was yellow with scallops across it and a little duck.
The world just doesn't make baby things like that any more

my angel baby E modeling her new dress

I found a pattern Simplicity 2392 a vintage reprint with the scallop design
and I knew what I wanted to do in an instant.

I found some lovely yellow fabrics and some lace with a vintage feeling and set to it.
I was tickles with how it turned out.

I also made a diaper cover to match and covered the bum with lace ruffles.
(The diaper cover isn't included with that pattern)

Having fun making some sweet little baby gowns.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

A little Angel at our House!

Here is the latest creation of mine! I think I am proudest of these creations!
First they take 9+ months to make and they turn out so-ooo cute!
So here she is in all her newborn cuteness!
Baby E!

That's right I have a 4th girl. We adore her so much already!
I think thats just what I make!  So we are a family of 7 now.  With our 4 girls a boy
and of course the mama and daddy!

My sister told me I did a good job taking this picture.  I just took a snap shot
of my new baby on a blanket the evening we came home from the hospital.
The truth is it is a very average photo that I doctored up on my photo
editing iPhoto on my Mac. I faded the color nearly all the way and increased
the pink tones, upped the contrast, and blurred the edges.
Here is the original picture.  She still looks like my cute baby, minus the glowy
whimsy the effects add.

There are lots of places that have free photo editing to try out.
I always make a duplicate to play around with first.
I play around with Picasa lots.  I like to make my blog collages with Picasa.
Give it a try!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Mmmmm homemade donuts!

Lately making donuts is a driving force!  Perhaps because I am pregnant, LOL but it is.
I love them warm and slightly crisp form the pan and dreged in cinnamon and sugar.
I like them raised and glazed with a cup of milk.  Either way I make  them they are Yummy!

Here is a raised recipe glazed doughnuts

Thursday, June 9, 2011

cheer up!

What do you do when you have 4 lbs of fresh strawberries and you are feeling blah?
You make Chocolate Crepes and whip up some cream.
I have to say crepes are always heavenly and these chocolate ones are divine.
I used a recipe from somewhere online (just google it)  it was yummy.
First I made a simple strawberry syrup (water sugar pureed strawberries, boiled)
spooned a generous amount onto the plate.
I filled the crepes with whip cream and strawberries, rolled them up putting them
onto the plate in the middle of the warm strawberry syrup and added more
cream and strawberries then drizzled dark chocolate syrup and sprinkled chocolate chips
on top!  very yummy!  Though my girls just ate the whip cream and left the rest.
That's okay pregnant mommy went a head and finished theirs for them.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Prairie Girls Party

My Daughter L loves Little House on the Prairie. In fact all three of my girls 
like to pretend they are Laura, Mary or Carrie.  I had a lot of fun sewing for this party.  
I made each daughter a calico dress, apron and bonnet. 

 Then I made bonnets for each girl to have and wear at the party.  We had fun deciding
on what was a good old-fashioned treat.  We choose muffins with hand shaken butter
lemonade and and pop corn.
With candy sticks as our sugary treat, like you'd get at an old general store.  
Grandma made her a divine Lemon Meringue Pie in place of a cake.   
I wrapped up the gifts with brown paper and tied them with cream colored ribbons.
You might notice my muffins are in plastic bags.  I was so afraid they would dry out 
I didn't dare set them out in the baskets unprotected.

The girls were absolutely adorable in their bonnets!  Our first game was 
"Clothes Pins in a Bottle".  We set up three stations and with 9 girls it was 
perfectly even.  The most exciting thing at first was our baby chicks in the 
heated brooder.  They spent at least half and hour petting and watching them.

Then we played "Button Button who got the Button".  
Then we did some crafts.  We made cloths pin dolls and embroidered 
a monogram or initial on a hankie.  I made the hankies and then with a 
washable ink pen drew some cross stitch letters for the girls to sew.

It turned out to be a really fun day.

Every one took home a bonnet, clothes pin doll, wooden embroidery hoop, 
personal embroidered hankie and candy sticks. 

I also enjoyed the party myself.  Thank you mom and fam for all the help!

Hope you enjoyed seeing our Prairie Party!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Mommy shower

My sisters threw me a "Mommy Shower" to celebrate my 5th baby.
It was so nice and a true surprise.  I had no idea they were up to anything.

My sisters Lorajean's Magizine  and Annie Carie put it all together!  So cute!
My pictures aren't nearly as lovely as my sister Lorajean's so click her link to see 
her pretty pictures and read all that she created to spoil me!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easter creations

I wanted a special suit for my son this Easter.
I looked around and didn't find what I was envisioning.
Then I found a pattern that was really close!
I decided to make it in a soft blue hounds-tooth.
I love it it looks adorable!  I included a picture of his big sister in
a dress I made another Easter.  all three of my girls have a blue dress
like this one.  I want to simplify so they wore their dresses again and 
only my son got new suit.  Hey gotta save my energy since I'm pregnant.

Made a few cute things for gifting.
Cut and folded some cute Carrot treat boxes!

Made some carrots for decorating out of some fun orange fabric

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

cute Pattern give away!

So much fun to sew for my children and here is pattern give away to inspire me!

Such cute stuff gotta check it out!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Found a fun blog that I must share with you!!!

Auntie Lolo Crafts!
I went to visit and was going back and back to see all the great stuff she has there!

Here is the a favorite tutorial she shared

now I am going to get out some brown felt and burlap and buttons and go to it!

Hope you enjoy visiting as much as I did!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fishy Party

Inspired by Mermag and her fish for a catalog layout
I started planning this fishy party for my two March birthdays.
I have a son and a daughter with only a week between birthdays and I
want to simplify and throw one party (as long as they let me)
Mer's Fish are so-ooo super cute I called her up and started planning!
I sent her the fabric and she used her mad skills and sewed up these darling fishies for me!
Thank you Mer you are a fabulous Sister!!!!!

With Peach fish for my girl and Blue fish for my boy I started
collecting cupcake recipes and decorating ideas.
The blue and green cupcakes are a Key Lime cupcake recipe I got from a friend.
They have amazing lime flavor and the cream cheese frosting with it is supper yummy!
(if you pipe frosting don't add the lime peel, it clogs the icing tips, something I learned)
I also tried another cupcake recipe Pink Velvet Cupcakes
that had a white chocolate ganache frosting for my Peach cupcakes.
It was a few steps beyond what I would normally try for frosting but very delicious.
Next to the knock out taste of the Key Lime cupcakes the Pink or Peach Velvet cupcakes
were a bit tame but still tasted good.
     *The fish shaped cake I made with 2 cupcakes that are unwrapped and turned upside down.
One cupcake is cut in half and used one side for the head and the other cut with a notch for
the tail.  It may help to freeze you cupcake for less crumbs.

I love tablescapes for their over all appeal but also for the fun treats folks include.
Being a mama of 4 and another coming this summer I wanted easy treats 
and easy on my wallet prices.  I got all my gummy treats at a Dollar Tree near here as 
well as the fish bowls and taller glass holders.  The bowls were all with the candles 
but were perfect for what I was aiming for;  Candy store meets fishy party!

The favor bags I put together little treats and fish items in cello bags and pinned on a 
little stuffed fish to take home, to say thank you for coming and celebrating with us.
All the smiles of happy kids were the result.  
My two little fishers loved it.  My boy adores the fishies Mer sewed up and I loved
hearing him say fishies in his little 2 year old lispy voice (they loose that too quick).

Thanks again Mer!  You are true inspiration for all of this!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Love to share

My sister Mer of Mermag is sharing the Love this Valentines week!
Buy a Lovely Love print and get another print free.

the best gift of all is that all the Lovely, Love print proceeds will go to the Schultz family.
A family with a sweet baby girl with heart defects, cleft lip and palate conditions.
Give some love and and receive some love.

Now which color do I want to get?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fishy Color Board

Recently came up for air and here is the post to prove it!
If you weren't aware I am pregnant and that has got me off the blog lately.

Today I started dreaming about the coming party for some of my children.
I want to have a fishy theme with gold fish and water color scheme.
I was inspired by this wonderful fishy collection here.

What do you think?
I collected these fabric swatches from for an inspiration color board.

Oh course I will have some fabulous help!  I am asking my sis Mer of Mermag
for her expertise and creative talents to help out with this one.

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