Thursday, October 30, 2008

New Dress

Okay when you are pregnant you want to have a comfy and cute dress. I found this Poly jersey knit crepe online at Fashion Fabrics Club. The fabric has a stretch and a beautiful drape and weight. It is a bit tricky to put in the zipper on this stretchy knit but I knew I would prefer this over a pull over which is often what a knit dress calls for.
So here I am modeling it. (sorry the late night ruins the lighting, P.S ignore the frizzy hair too, pretend it is wavy and gorgeous.)

The pattern is inexpensive and I made a few modifications to make it last for my pregnancy. I did view C.
The changes I made are these:
The yoke in the pattern is straight across, I folded the lower center/middle edge up creating an angle or arch. (with the fold I can fold it down later for a post prego dress)I softly rounded at the center, but a diagonal works
With the skirt front pattern I placed it 1 inch away from the fold adding 2 inches to the gathered edge, I also placed the piece directly under the yoke piece so when I cut out the yoke I already had the right slant or arch cut above it, so the skirt follows the new yoke, slopping upward to center front.
I also added a triangular inset-dickey on the bodice (my preference). This arched area makes room for my belly to grow with baby. Also the extra fullness too.
So ladies what do you think is it stylish?

Halloween Silliness!

Okay, I have to share this because it was fun and I LOL for awhile!
So my brother hurt his finger playing ball and so he got it X-Rayed .
He e-mailed the picture of the X-Ray and told us how it hurt.
(that didn't make me laugh, I do have a heart)

My Brother in Law sent a reply with the diagnosis.

I took your image into Photoshop and found something interesting as I zoomed in on the top joint of your pinky finger.

I'm attaching a
detailed image of what I found to this message. Maybe this is what is making your finger hurt?!
Love, J

Awesome scary Fun!!! Of course we all LOL!
Then my bro emailed the verdict it was broken and he headed back to the doctors.
I showed the doctor J's diagnosis! :) ...he loved it

He'd enlarged the email photo and brought it in to show the Doc. LOL!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Free People winner!

This awesome illustration by Tuesday Mourning won a contest for the cute clothes line Free People!
Check it out it is sooo cute and it is a fabulous design by my sis!

Working up a Storm

With my daughters school carnival I spent all day yesterday working on costumes. They did get finished. Hurray. I'll post pics of the girls wearing them when I can. Forgot to take pictures last night. My baby girl was a "butterfly like a bee" to use her own words. Only when it was complete she didn't really want to wear it. Oh well.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Blue Soft Delight

Finished knitting a girls blue sweater last night. Actually I had finished the pieces and last night I sewed them all together to make the sweater. This is the 2nd sweater I have knitted.
I followed a pattern but made changes along the way. For example I put ribbing around the neck line and the wrap around is a mock of two pieces and is really one to reduce bulk.

What I wish I did different:
I wish I had knitted the sweater a little bit longer in the body. I did the length that the pattern called for and I would have added at least 5 inches to that length. The sleeves were modified a bit but I like how they are. The pattern had them shorter and narrower (too tight on the arm) so I pulled them out 3 times trying to get the right width and finally obtained it!
What do you think?
The yarn I got at Hobby Lobby, Yarn Bee Soft Delight in Pale Blue.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Dream shoes

Aren't these awesome!
I love love LOVE pink and these shoes from the Marie Antoinette movie are fabulous!!!
Don't you want a pair too?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

i love this!!!!!

Black Beard Disguise
Why do I love this?
First it's a Pirate beard, crafted by this shop on Etsy.
My family loves pirate dress up things. My Brother in Law had a great pirate bash... my little brother too! This serious gent looks a bit like my bro. too.
Seeing this felt beard makes me smile!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Super Cute Witchy

Lorajean's Magazine,: Sale!

Go check out this cute as can be hand crafted figure!
I love this artist's style.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Dreaming Decadently

I had the most wonderful dream this morning that filled all my senses so clear and fresh and thrilling.
It was like I was alive inside of a snow globe. Everything was sparkling white with rosy pink cottages and a pale blue night sky. The snow was like feathers and sprinkles of glitter. I was dressed in fabulous gown of soft pink with a squared neckline rouched with lace and wide skirts over panniers (hoops under my skirts) covered with bows and ruffles (Louis XVI Marie Antoinette style) with a white wig and powdered cheeks and flecks of sparkles on my skin too. Everything sparkled from the snow ~ to the houses ~ the clothes everything. Though it was evening the air was clear, no mist as the glittering snow fell. It smelled of snow and my skin was cold.
Down the lane a gentleman in pale blue fitted breaches and a long velveteen coat with silver buttons beckoned to me. His long hair was pulled back and tied with a bow, was powdered white. He was enchanting, smiling with a mischievous grin and faux mole placed under left his eye. He had these luminous blue eyes that had sparkles that magnetically drew you up close to see. He kept calling me closer to him with his voice and his manner. The snowy tree lined lane was also pulling me down it toward him.
I felt like I was headed to his face, to look closer into his eyes, when he suddenly moved past my vision to whisper in my ear. I could feel his warm breath in the cold against my ear, he smelled faintly of chocolate and coconut.
"Look" he said, and with his face beside my cheek I could look over his shoulder to see.
In the distance there was a row of houses glittering in the pearlized snow. A long old white sled drawn by white snow dogs pulled to stop in front of a house.
A tall man wearing long pale cream robes trimmed in furs was emerging with bags and packages.
He turned and I quickly gasped.
It was Father Christmas.
He caught me looking.
My heart quickened in excitement and the air began to have pepper-minty sent.
Right then the man in blue (reminding me a lot of the Scarlet Pimpernel) clasped my hand and we turned and ran down the lane away from Father Christmas.
It was obvious that we should now be in bed or forfeit our treasure of gifts.
It began snowing harder but being glitter reflected the light from the street lamps and increased the glow in the air though the sky was darker.
I recognized a cottage all pink and shimmering like an old fashioned paper Christmas village ornament. I went up the steps and in to the foyer. I stopped only to dust the snow off. The handsome man in blue was with me still but could not proceed beyond the foyer to enter the house and regretfully bowed and went out into the night.
When he was gone I retired up the stairs to my room. I quickly changed into the most delightful ruffled white night clothes with ribbons and a matching bed cap to cover my own hair. (The wig was put away.)
Oh to have the hair in my dream.... Very soft and longer with beautiful waves, shining auburn. I braided my hair and put on my ruffled cap. I floated to the window. The windows were paned and frosted around the edges making perfect little circles to look out of. I peeked out and saw the man in blue turn and wink (the eye with the little faux mole under it) and wave as he turned and disappeared into the swirls of luminescent feathery snow.
I crawled into a fabulous bed with tons of pillows and rose smelling sheets. I felt like I was going to bed inside a box of confections from my favorite candy store or Bed and Breakfast.
Before the dream faded I began to smell cinnamon.
Oh how I wanted to stay in that dream world.
It was so clear and vivid and I saw, smelled and felt so powerfully.
What a magical place to go even for just a little bit!
Sweet dreaming everyone!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fabulous find!

Do love my Halloween fruit basket.
The basket was a gift, but the real find was the beautiful fruit!
It is from the Dollar Tree! Yep this faux fruit that looks good enough to eat was only $1.
It looks like I could have purchased these from any craft store for much bigger prices!!!
I can keep them out all year or save them for the fall.
I know it's silly to feel so giddy about pretend fruit but I love it!!!!
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