Monday, September 27, 2010

Eenie Meenie Minnie Moe

Wow did I never know that picking paint was soooo hard!
I had my favorite and to show my hubby that I was going through all the necessary
picking procedures, I went and got 2 sample pints of greens.
I painted by my door and around the side of the house by a window to have it by trim.
Happily I painted them up and I smiled as I did.  
I thought "What a pretty green color(1) that goes so well with the trim!"
Then I stepped back and looked at the work and imagined the whole house in it.
Then my house disappeared!  The vast plains full of matching yellowing & 
brownish muted greens were the same color as my favorite color for the  house. 

Currently the house is a warm beige/ pre-primed siding.  
It has been unpainted since installation before we moved in 2008 2 1/2 years ago and 
needs this paint now!  (Who knows how long it went unpainted before we came?)
So after some tears... (yes I'm one of those girls)  I had to start all over.
How do I pick a color when the favorite color is a bad choice for our home?
I am no expert but I decided to figure out what I wanted to see when I came home.
I want a refreshing and contrasting home.  I want to see my house as I come over 
the rise yes even from over a mile away.  So no earthy tones that will make it disappear.
No browns, beige, muted or grayed greens, no yellows, or golds/oranges.  No reds 
because our barns are red and we want to distinguish the house from the barns. 
That left pink, purple,  and blue. My hubby said no way on pink!
It wasn't very promising.  I was still wishing to see green.  That is when I started 
looking at blues with green in them.  I grew up in a blue house and didn't want to 
be too similar to that color.  My hubby didn't want anything too light.  There is sooo
much sunshine here it would just wash it out.
So that is where we are.  Blue greens aren't typically seen over here.  My hubby and 
I looked at so many swatches  at the paint place I just wanted to fall over and cry again. 
(I barely made it with out tears my hubby was proud.)  We came home with 6 new 
sample swatches and no idea which one was going to be the one.  My hubby really 
liked going blue, he never liked the green.  Yes, he did remind me of that as he told me 
"Aren't you glad we didn't paint the whole house, before you knew it would disappear?"
and I got his shoulder all wet with my blubbering.
Now my house looks like a patch work quilt.  Seriously.  I'd show you more than by the
door but it's too awful!
But I finally made up my mind on the paint color.  Not too bright, not grayed out  or too dark.
I decided on a blue/green teal color below is preview/ mock up of how it looks with color (4).
Wish us luck! Hope to see my home with happy smiles and not groans!

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