Thursday, October 30, 2008

New Dress

Okay when you are pregnant you want to have a comfy and cute dress. I found this Poly jersey knit crepe online at Fashion Fabrics Club. The fabric has a stretch and a beautiful drape and weight. It is a bit tricky to put in the zipper on this stretchy knit but I knew I would prefer this over a pull over which is often what a knit dress calls for.
So here I am modeling it. (sorry the late night ruins the lighting, P.S ignore the frizzy hair too, pretend it is wavy and gorgeous.)

The pattern is inexpensive and I made a few modifications to make it last for my pregnancy. I did view C.
The changes I made are these:
The yoke in the pattern is straight across, I folded the lower center/middle edge up creating an angle or arch. (with the fold I can fold it down later for a post prego dress)I softly rounded at the center, but a diagonal works
With the skirt front pattern I placed it 1 inch away from the fold adding 2 inches to the gathered edge, I also placed the piece directly under the yoke piece so when I cut out the yoke I already had the right slant or arch cut above it, so the skirt follows the new yoke, slopping upward to center front.
I also added a triangular inset-dickey on the bodice (my preference). This arched area makes room for my belly to grow with baby. Also the extra fullness too.
So ladies what do you think is it stylish?


mer said...

so cute! you are darling. I have some prego clothes for you to borrow down stairs at moms house (in Jaren's closet in a black and white toile/damask box. You can borrow any of the items you want.

D-lyn said...

thanks Mer, I will definitely have to check them out.
I have lots of 7 1/2 year old maternity wear from baby #1 that makes me gag, yuck. Maybe I'll post a fashion show....

Aaron and Reina said...

Very cute! You are so talented! And looking like an adorable preggo lady!

cally said...

You're awesome!

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