Thursday, November 13, 2008

Vintage Baby

I have always loved vintage baby designs.
The more Old-fashioned made with love and by hand the better.
Here are some cute things I have spied...
Sweet & Simple Bubbles and Bonnets pattern.
Sew cute!
This Little Lord Fauntleroy outfit is angelic.
So is this delightful pram cover.
This embroidery design is very vintage and makes me think of my grandma.
When I was a baby, she made me (I'm her 1st grand child) a quiet book using embroidery designs such as these.
I still have it even though it's seen better days.
This blessing suit is very sweet and I really think it has a lot of love sewn into it too!
Click on the pictures for links to sites where I found these fabulous vintage baby items!


fairychildheirlooms said...

thanks for posting about the blessing suit I made!

Annie Carie said...

The embroidery design is very vintage, and so cute! Do you remember the blanket Grandma Rachel made for my first? It had the same animals embroidered on it! I have it tucked away so it won't get ruined.

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