Friday, November 13, 2009

What are you UP to?

Knitting some mittens
first time with double pointed needles
and 1st time with wool yarn
sometimes I like double pointed needles sometimes I don't
One thumb up waiting for the next thumb.... soon!
I actually have lots of knitting projects going right now
and I need to get pictures of each before
they go off to their intended Christmas recipients!

Oh the pattern is one I got from Lion brand Yarn's web site
Nordic Mittens

Friday, November 6, 2009


I love Pumpkin
Pumpkin pancakes
pumpkin pie
pumpkin chocolate chip cookies
pumpkin waffles
pumpkin muffins

so of course I had to store me some pumpkin!
cutting up cubes of pumpkin
boiling the cubes to soft enough to smash or puree
puree in the blender
here is my huge bowl full of pumpkin puree
here are bags ready to freeze
I had 12 bags/cans worth of pumpkin puree
when all was said and done
thats 24 cups oh and one lonely cup
I used that night in a monster pumpkin pancake
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