Sunday, November 23, 2008

Twitter paited Twilight

My hubby got us tickets for Twilight's opening night at the Theater here.
No we didn't do a midnight showing like some people we did a sort of sane time at 9 pm on a Friday night.
Grandma had our girls so it was just the two of us.
I have read all 4 books and was interested to see how well they did.
Imagination all ways wins out 100% for me!
Each of us has our own version of Jacob, Bella & Edward in our minds.
Even so I think it was good!

My weirding out was the fact I was there with dozens and dozen of super infatuated teenagers.
They would sigh and breath heavy over certain shots of Edward.
Then the entire room was filled with their twitter paited giggles and moans.
That my friends was creepy.
I kept peeking at my hubby to see if he was gonna bail or be sick from all the female noise and hormone levels!

Even so it made for a very memorable night.
Lots to comment on at least about the behavior of the girls in the row next to us.

I did miss a couple of scenes in the book that were not in the movie.
First I love the scene where Bella gets sick in Biology and has to go to see the nurse. I love the irony of a girl who hates the sight and smell of blood having a boyfriend who being a vampire loves blood. Not in the movie sooo sad.
Also I liked the car scene where Edward stops driving out of the school parking lot a few cars before Bella's truck, so Bella is forced to audience another boy ask her to the Prom. I love that part of the story but not in the movie.
Plus they changed the entire Meadow chapter and I was bummed! It wasn't as special as it was in the book. Darn those editors!

But I do want to see it again because it was lots of Fun and I did really enjoy the characters.
Besides I may be post teenage years but I cute boys are always fun to watch!

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