Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fishy Party

Inspired by Mermag and her fish for a catalog layout
I started planning this fishy party for my two March birthdays.
I have a son and a daughter with only a week between birthdays and I
want to simplify and throw one party (as long as they let me)
Mer's Fish are so-ooo super cute I called her up and started planning!
I sent her the fabric and she used her mad skills and sewed up these darling fishies for me!
Thank you Mer you are a fabulous Sister!!!!!

With Peach fish for my girl and Blue fish for my boy I started
collecting cupcake recipes and decorating ideas.
The blue and green cupcakes are a Key Lime cupcake recipe I got from a friend.
They have amazing lime flavor and the cream cheese frosting with it is supper yummy!
(if you pipe frosting don't add the lime peel, it clogs the icing tips, something I learned)
I also tried another cupcake recipe Pink Velvet Cupcakes
that had a white chocolate ganache frosting for my Peach cupcakes.
It was a few steps beyond what I would normally try for frosting but very delicious.
Next to the knock out taste of the Key Lime cupcakes the Pink or Peach Velvet cupcakes
were a bit tame but still tasted good.
     *The fish shaped cake I made with 2 cupcakes that are unwrapped and turned upside down.
One cupcake is cut in half and used one side for the head and the other cut with a notch for
the tail.  It may help to freeze you cupcake for less crumbs.

I love tablescapes for their over all appeal but also for the fun treats folks include.
Being a mama of 4 and another coming this summer I wanted easy treats 
and easy on my wallet prices.  I got all my gummy treats at a Dollar Tree near here as 
well as the fish bowls and taller glass holders.  The bowls were all with the candles 
but were perfect for what I was aiming for;  Candy store meets fishy party!

The favor bags I put together little treats and fish items in cello bags and pinned on a 
little stuffed fish to take home, to say thank you for coming and celebrating with us.
All the smiles of happy kids were the result.  
My two little fishers loved it.  My boy adores the fishies Mer sewed up and I loved
hearing him say fishies in his little 2 year old lispy voice (they loose that too quick).

Thanks again Mer!  You are true inspiration for all of this!

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