Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pooh bear party

My baby turned 1! I can't believe it! When you are little a big party really isn't very important to the child.
It is more for the parents. We had a small party with cupcakes and crackers.
Yet a cute party for pictures to go in her memory book.

First I gathered up all the pooh bear toys we have collected over the almost eleven years I have been a mother. 
Some are vintage and some are classic but all are loved at our house.
My older daughters were in charge of making the cupcakes and they did a great job mixing and
pouring into cupcake papers.  I did the easy swirl of frosting on top then added a golden or orange 
gummy bear right on top.  

The next step was the most "work" for this simple party. Making crackers from scratch! 
I made graham crackers and cheese crackers!

For the graham crackers I used the recipe I found here!
The recipe says to cut them up in squares and you can, but I used a honey hive cookie cutter
that I thought matched my theme. This recipe is super yummy and we could hardly wait for 
them to cool and it was hard to save some for the party.  Remember if you want it more crisp
bake a bit longer. (unlike a cookie you bake less to have a softer cookie)

Here is the recipe for the cheese crackers it is really simple and we all love it!
I had fun making cheese crackers from two types of cheesesWhite Cheddar was my favorite
but the Dubliner cheese was the kids favorite.  Both make a more cream color cracker so the second 
batch we added some food coloring (I know silly) the kids really wanted them orange.
Then I cut out the crackers with carrot shaped or heart shaped cutters to go with the Pooh theme.
The cutting out is the most time spent. Suggest double batching because we ate ours so fast!
Or even keeping some dough in the fridge to make the next day.  YUMMMM.

My little one was celebrated and I got to have fun making a few new things.
She got to eat home made versions of her favorite crackers and feel love
from her family.  It was a good day!

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