Saturday, July 28, 2007

Go Grannies GO!

I found this add and had to scan it in!
I grew up with a granny who wore fun vibrant and wild Hawaiian muumuus. Actually all of her sisters did because one of them lived there! To me this picture looks like my granny in her Hawaiian getup and her sister, taking a JOY Ride, just like in the Beach Boys song, Little Old Lady from Pasadena. I have fond memories of playing at my granny's house in CA. I loved to sit at her vanity, she would let me put on her lipstick. (She saved the samples from the Avon Lady.) Gosh I just loved that this little add brought me such a flood of memories. Besides it sure is Outrageously fun to look at too!

Want a better look click on it, and see the enlarged version!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Meeting the Apron Skirt Challenge!

Ladies I made a skirt.
I googled vintage aprons and looked through lots of various styles before I made mine. Here are a few of my favorites.

Growing up my grandma had an apron in her broom closet that was yellow, orange and red colors with bias trim. When we needed a coverup that was the one I used. So my fabric choices were following that nostalgia.

I think the kitties remind me of the hand embroided kitchen towels of Yesterday.
What do you think?
I used a green bias trim next to a yellow floral ruffle. I put on bias trimed tulip pockets. I must admit it is the coolest and most comfortable skirt. I think I will be wearing it all summer. :D

Monday, July 9, 2007

Cake any one?

Here comes another birthday!
What a delight to have this for my celebration!
My sisters will tell you I love parties especially Victorian tea parties. This cake would be the center jewel of the table. If you look really close you can see it is a very simple cake, one rose and some fondant leaves, and dots. The lovely cake plate compliments it creating a much more exciting view!

Apron Skirt Challenge

Reminicent of "Mrs. Cleaver's" Cookies, and grandma's apron hanging in her broom closet.
The apron to wear anywhere, not just for cookies.
Okay, Ladies here is the Challenge!
Create your own version of an Apron skirt!
Recycle or create from scratch!
When your skirt is done let me know! It would be really great to have your skirt posted here too!
This blue floral print skirt is very, Yesterday!
I found it at a Boutique near the fountain in Old Town Fort Collins, (sorry the name of the place escapes me).

Service Please

Cake Plate and Server

Isn't it Lovely!
Darling to dish up delicious tea cakes or sandwiches.
This truly is a Yesterday item.
Sadly this pattern of dishes is discontinued. So, I will only be serving from it in my daydreams!

Vintage Rose bag

Found this darling bag!
I love the rose print fabric with the classic houndstooth.
The handmade feel of the bag really makes it special.
I imagine using this bag to carry a favorite magazine along with a collection of fabric scraps collected for my next project or my favorite size J crochet hook and a ball or two of lovely yarns.

Available from Acscents Designs here is their link.

Past times

Sit down on your front porch. Close your eyes. Take deep breath.
On my porch growing up I would smell honey suckle and lilac bushes. Dad hung a swing there, you would find me in it. I loved to listen to the leaves rustling in the breeze. When it was a vigorous breeze I would imagine that the sound of the leaves, were really giant waves crashing on a sandy beach. It was easier to imagine this in the evening with the moon light.
Remembering Yester Day, is my purpose for this blog spot. Enjoying things from Times Past.

Pink house photo taken in Logan UT, June 2007
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