Monday, November 24, 2008

Space boy

Talking a walk down sewing memory lane! Made this toy set for my nephews 1st birthday.
My sister had drawn a cute little space man (her drawing is coppied onto the card above).
Inspired by her illustration I made this guy and his awesome space ship that transforms into a friendly alien!
Maybe I will hunt up my patterns that I drew up to make this toy and make them for my little guy when he comes! This toy was a Blast to make! I'll probably tweak it a bit to my color selection and face design.... we'll see! It just turned out so cute the way it is!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Twitter paited Twilight

My hubby got us tickets for Twilight's opening night at the Theater here.
No we didn't do a midnight showing like some people we did a sort of sane time at 9 pm on a Friday night.
Grandma had our girls so it was just the two of us.
I have read all 4 books and was interested to see how well they did.
Imagination all ways wins out 100% for me!
Each of us has our own version of Jacob, Bella & Edward in our minds.
Even so I think it was good!

My weirding out was the fact I was there with dozens and dozen of super infatuated teenagers.
They would sigh and breath heavy over certain shots of Edward.
Then the entire room was filled with their twitter paited giggles and moans.
That my friends was creepy.
I kept peeking at my hubby to see if he was gonna bail or be sick from all the female noise and hormone levels!

Even so it made for a very memorable night.
Lots to comment on at least about the behavior of the girls in the row next to us.

I did miss a couple of scenes in the book that were not in the movie.
First I love the scene where Bella gets sick in Biology and has to go to see the nurse. I love the irony of a girl who hates the sight and smell of blood having a boyfriend who being a vampire loves blood. Not in the movie sooo sad.
Also I liked the car scene where Edward stops driving out of the school parking lot a few cars before Bella's truck, so Bella is forced to audience another boy ask her to the Prom. I love that part of the story but not in the movie.
Plus they changed the entire Meadow chapter and I was bummed! It wasn't as special as it was in the book. Darn those editors!

But I do want to see it again because it was lots of Fun and I did really enjoy the characters.
Besides I may be post teenage years but I cute boys are always fun to watch!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Beautiful space for a baby

Found this lovely room at TwoStraightLines. I love the peaceful feeling this room has.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Aqua & Algae

I love Love LOVE this fabric by TULA PINK!
I love how she takes a classic look and adds hidden whimsy!
The colors are too wonderful as well!
I think there are going to be some fun things
at my house with some of these fabrics!

Tula is the one who inspired the Owl Cutie outfit I made for my baby girl.
With her fabrics in her Forrest Moon collection!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

bird song quilt

One section finished on my baby quilt, pattern here.
It's exciting to see the sections of the baby quilt coming along. Since we have confirmed that this is a boy I ditched the pink eggs and chose a peachy tone. Considering that that was more gender neutral and I still needed a nice contrast with the blues and greenish beige colors that I had lots of.
As soon as I get the next one all appliqued and embroidered I will post it as well.
I have loved putting this together, and hand sewing around the edges.
I just wish it was next to old fashioned fire place instead of the TV.

Finding the right one.....

Now obviously I won't be getting the pink one....
but now that I want to replace my broken one (my kids turned it upside down and jumped on it until the metal bars bent... sigh what's a mom to do) which one to choose.

So I like these colors a light blue with a robin egg almost turquoise color and a greenish beige for my nursery. Of course those aren't the mass produced color schemes out there, a lot of dark chocolate.
Now the closest colors are on the Elmo one, but yikes it's got Elmo on it. I have this aversion to Character items. I don't buy them. I don't even really like to send my daughter out of the house with a second hand character theme shirt on. (High School Musical & Hannah Montana... sorry) I digress.
too bad these aren't like car seats that you can take off the fabric and sew your own.

so far 2 and 5 are okay with 2 having the bassinet and changing area feature which I am hoping to have on the one I eventually get.
Believe it or not I have never really had a changing table...
With my last baby (#3) I put a changing pad on the top of a bookcase.
I thought it would be nice to have a changing area with my play yard. (why don't we call them play pens any more? Does that make people have weird notions of live stock rather than babies?)
So which one is your favorite?

All these are available at both Target and Walmart and some are at Babies R Us as well.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Vintage Baby

I have always loved vintage baby designs.
The more Old-fashioned made with love and by hand the better.
Here are some cute things I have spied...
Sweet & Simple Bubbles and Bonnets pattern.
Sew cute!
This Little Lord Fauntleroy outfit is angelic.
So is this delightful pram cover.
This embroidery design is very vintage and makes me think of my grandma.
When I was a baby, she made me (I'm her 1st grand child) a quiet book using embroidery designs such as these.
I still have it even though it's seen better days.
This blessing suit is very sweet and I really think it has a lot of love sewn into it too!
Click on the pictures for links to sites where I found these fabulous vintage baby items!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

In my Heart

I am going to share a little bit of my heart today.
I love the state of California. I don't live there but I love the area and I love the people.
I'll tell you why. I love them because I served them. I was a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I was called to serve the California people.
I met many and talked with some. I had open doors and quickly closed doors.
Over all the people I met were gracious and kind even if they did not want to hear a message or accept the invitation to visit our church. My memories of service there are so strong and some have not ever faded. I can see streets I walked there just as clear in my memory as when I walked there before.
Lately my heart has been full of concern for those who currently serve there. Because of the election campaigning there have been unkind adds and sadly unkind demonstrating. It hurts my heart. Even a portrayal of missionaries was very unkind.
As a missionary I served because I wanted to share with everyone that God in Heaven loves each and everyone of us. I can not hold back the great knowledge that this is true. God our Heavenly Father loves us,

ALL of us. Every person on this earth is His child. I could see this then and I know it now. To the missionaries serving know God loves you and every one of the people you meet. He loves those who do not know him as much as those who do. He loves those who do not understand his ways as much as those who try to understand. He loves those who are angry. He loves those who hurt.

He loves us all.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

finished costumes!

Finished and ready for candy! This costume took forever to sew on all the colored patches to both sides of her wings! When it was in my head it seemed really simple and I didn't even consider the time it would take to cut out and sew on individual pieces. The wings are supported inside the layers with wire (bailing wire)
This started out as a store costume.
Yet it didn't cover much since it was a tank top with a tutu ruffle. So I took all apart and sewed the orginal bodice to a green satin bodice with needed long sleeves. (I was soo lucky to find fabrics that blended with the original dress) Then I added length to the skirt to her ankles, and a sparkly overlay with pink organza petals over that. My daughter felt like Tinkerbell but Tinkerbell going to the Prom!
This one I did sew but years ago! My veil from my wedding and a flower girl dress from my brother in laws wedding. Hurray for that, mom got off with only 2 costumes to sew.
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