Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Finding the right one.....

Now obviously I won't be getting the pink one....
but now that I want to replace my broken one (my kids turned it upside down and jumped on it until the metal bars bent... sigh what's a mom to do) which one to choose.

So I like these colors a light blue with a robin egg almost turquoise color and a greenish beige for my nursery. Of course those aren't the mass produced color schemes out there, a lot of dark chocolate.
Now the closest colors are on the Elmo one, but yikes it's got Elmo on it. I have this aversion to Character items. I don't buy them. I don't even really like to send my daughter out of the house with a second hand character theme shirt on. (High School Musical & Hannah Montana... sorry) I digress.
too bad these aren't like car seats that you can take off the fabric and sew your own.

so far 2 and 5 are okay with 2 having the bassinet and changing area feature which I am hoping to have on the one I eventually get.
Believe it or not I have never really had a changing table...
With my last baby (#3) I put a changing pad on the top of a bookcase.
I thought it would be nice to have a changing area with my play yard. (why don't we call them play pens any more? Does that make people have weird notions of live stock rather than babies?)
So which one is your favorite?

All these are available at both Target and Walmart and some are at Babies R Us as well.


Annie Carie said...

I vote for number 5, I'm partial to number 4 but since you don't like chocolate, my next favorites are 3 & 5!

I call them pack n' plays I don't know of anyone who actually calls them a play yards.

Liberty Photography said...

Personally, I like #4 the best, but if you dislike the chocolate that much I like #2 and #3. #3 could be used for any future babies regardless of their gender (as long as it survives the wear and tear, that is!).

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