Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Silliness!

Okay, I have to share this because it was fun and I LOL for awhile!
So my brother hurt his finger playing ball and so he got it X-Rayed .
He e-mailed the picture of the X-Ray and told us how it hurt.
(that didn't make me laugh, I do have a heart)

My Brother in Law sent a reply with the diagnosis.

I took your image into Photoshop and found something interesting as I zoomed in on the top joint of your pinky finger.

I'm attaching a
detailed image of what I found to this message. Maybe this is what is making your finger hurt?!
Love, J

Awesome scary Fun!!! Of course we all LOL!
Then my bro emailed the verdict it was broken and he headed back to the doctors.
I showed the doctor J's diagnosis! :) ...he loved it

He'd enlarged the email photo and brought it in to show the Doc. LOL!

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