Thursday, October 23, 2008

Blue Soft Delight

Finished knitting a girls blue sweater last night. Actually I had finished the pieces and last night I sewed them all together to make the sweater. This is the 2nd sweater I have knitted.
I followed a pattern but made changes along the way. For example I put ribbing around the neck line and the wrap around is a mock of two pieces and is really one to reduce bulk.

What I wish I did different:
I wish I had knitted the sweater a little bit longer in the body. I did the length that the pattern called for and I would have added at least 5 inches to that length. The sleeves were modified a bit but I like how they are. The pattern had them shorter and narrower (too tight on the arm) so I pulled them out 3 times trying to get the right width and finally obtained it!
What do you think?
The yarn I got at Hobby Lobby, Yarn Bee Soft Delight in Pale Blue.

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