Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Dressing up!

Oh how I love to dress up and now I have found someone else who loves it too!
at, this girl has a great collection of costumes!
Check it out!

thanks LJ, here is a photo from Marmee Craft too


Lorajean said...

I love that she as a costume from almost every era! Here is another girl that loves dressing up and makes them all herself! I love reading her blog.

Cocoa said...

My SIL would love this! She collects antique dresses and hats and invites all the nieces over for tea parties just so she has an excuse to wear her costumes.

D-lyn said...

i love dress up tea parties!!!!
I also love to sew maybe I need to get something pretty for a tea party going!
Thanks for your comments!

ducky_belle said...

I love this. I love old clothing. These photos are simply beautiful.

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