Friday, June 6, 2008

Bird & the Rose

I did it! I entered the contest!!!! Here is my designed mood board!

Here is my fun youth bedroom retreat!
Actually I think I even like it for me and I'm not all that young! It must be because of such pretty fabrics by amy butler!
This group is for the decor8.blogspot mood board contest.
I had a lot of fun doing this too!
Decor8 emailed me it was so nice I wanted to share!
she said:
"Thank you so much, it's BEAUTIFUL. I want to move in!
I'm placing entries in this folder for now, in case you want to see them.
far you are the first person to enter! :)"
flickr has the contest posts!


Cocoa said...

Just looking at it makes me feel restful and relaxed.

Annie Carie said...

ooh I like it, soo pretty.

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