Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Family Night BBQ

My sister invited us over for Family night on Monday. She had all her fun summer red white and blue decorations out.
I was introduced to Guitar Hero. That was really fun to strum along with favorite rock songs. A lot of the selection took me back in time to High School memories. My B.I.L. was totally awesome at it!
It was really neat after the kids were in bed we played games outside inside the canopy/gazebo with flickering candle light.
It was also fun to shrink back into a kid that talked until the wee hours of the night with my best friend of my youth, my mom!
It was a fun slumber party!


Andrea said...

Looks and sounds like a fun evening! Love all the festive tableware.

Annie Carie said...

ooh nice pic d-lyn! I'll have to post on my blog too, I had tons of fun too!

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