Friday, June 6, 2008

New hair DO

My hair was done today!
Have to toss in some pics to show how it looks.
I am also glad we can retouch our pictures!!!!
Yikes I am getting more and more wrinkles everyday!!!
I hate laugh lines/crows feet and wrinkle/crepey eyelids!
Sigh at least I can always do my hair when my skin is gone! LOL!


Daphne said...

That top picture of you is SO adorable! I love it! And I personally love laugh lines. I think it means a person is really happy. Laugh lines are better than angry/sad lines. I like happy/laugh lines around the eyes more than around the mouth though...

mer said...

WOW! you are HOT! You look thinner too. I love that cut and color, it's absolutely perfect. This is a look you should keep.

D-lyn said...

I haven't really gotten thinner...
I think when my hair is long it makes my face look long and thin. Which my whole life seem terrible until now that I am a post child birth woman! LOL!
Thank you guys!

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