Friday, June 13, 2008

Oh my Birds!

This morning I was putting in some laundry when I hear a really loud chirping but a bird in distress sound. Thinking perhaps it was the Silkie rooster trying to crow I opened the back door to listen. Our laundry room door has a broken storm door with only the bottom half which is metal in tack and the top is open. When I opened the door a gray bird with 14" wing span flew into the house! Another one was about to fly in but I shut the door. It seems both flew in to the door way and the two of them were stuck sitting in the space between the two doors there. Outside on the deck there were 4 more of the same kind of bird flying around calling to them.
The one who flew in my house gave me a chase he flew down stairs. Eventually I cornered him in the girls closet. I dumped out a clear plastic tub of toys and used it to capture the bird. Which I took outside to his friends and let out the one still between the doors. Then I opened the tub and let that one go too. It was pretty cool that all his friends hovered around to see them be freed. As soon as they were they all flew away. Hopefully the poor birds are totally Okay. And I hope my touching the one I chased won't be bad for me or him! I washed my hands immediately you never know! What excitement this morning and it isn't even 8 am yet!


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