Sunday, May 4, 2008


This ought to keep us busy!!

Our house is full of new babies!!!
We just got 30 new baby chicks.
10 are Americana, 10 Light Brahmas and 10 Barred Rock really pretty black and white speckled breed.
The Americana lay pastel colored eggs, blues and greens and sometimes a pink.
The Light Brahmas are good with children gentle and have thick feathers for colder weather,
The Barred Rock are black with white stripes on their feathers which is really pretty.
Right now we have all the babies together and our older 6 are separate from them.


Annie Carie said...

how fun!

cally said...

okay, i've seen a couple random posts from people about getting chicks...uh...what do you guys do with them? For eggs? For food?

Hey, thanks for including me as a Kindred Woman. You are very nice.

I have to tell you I have drooled on occasion over the quiet book you made Atticus. When I needed one I thought, Mer's sister made one, I can try. Inspired.

Is that you singing the dream song? So pretty.

Your doll faces are so sweet. I love 'em.

D-lyn said...

We got chicks to raise for the eggs and for food too.
Not me singing... just love the song.
Thank you so much for the complement. I have fun making the baby books and peek a boo faces.

Daphne said...

How much does a baby chick cost?

D-lyn said...

Depends on the breed of chicken.
$1.50 - $4.50
Ours were on average around $2.oo a chick. The first 6 we got at the Co-op here and they were what they had on hand. This batch we ordered from a catalog and then when they arrived we went and picked them up.
They are changing so quick, get feathers now, I am sure I will have new pics up soon.

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