Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Yellow Rooster set

This little miss is the next Marilyn Monroe in this cute little pose.

The top is embellished with selected pieces of the Heather Bailey fabric used for the skirt.
This size 12 months set will be up on my Etsy shop soon!


mer said...

dlyn you are one a roll. how is JuJu fitting it if it's a 12 month? or is that just the size you are offering on etsy?

Anonymous said...

That is stinkin' cute!! Love your rooster.

Andrea said...

Stinkin' stinkin' cute. Do you come up with these patterns all on yur own?? Love the fabric and color choices. You, D-lyn, rock.

D-lyn said...

Thank you Thank You!!!
Your comments have me smiling!
I did make the skirt with my own pattern and then the appliqué was inspired by Heather Bailey's fabric design.
Thank You Heather!

Trent Gudmundsen said...

I love it! :) keep em' coming I love every single one you sew! Happy sewing!

Lorajean said...

he he Trent thinks it's cool too but that was really me typing. :):):)

Annie Carie said...

SO cute!! I might have to get one for my abby!

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