Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I showed this picture of a delightful and whimsical rooster windmill yard ornament to my husband. Since we are in the country I thought it would be a nice touch and start making my yard more decorative. I love the scrolling iron and the rooster on top!

He remembered that I wanted a windmill so he got me one for Mothers Day.
Here it is.....
Yes it really is the thought that counts. The remarkable fact he remembered something like it is amazing. But to some how fix it up and make it as lovely will take some creativity.
I am thinking of placing it in the middle of a flower bed, and training vines or clematis to climb up it. Perhaps covered with lovely plants will help.


mer said...

spray paint it with an outdoor paint like robbin's egg or red or copper even. I love your idea of putting it in a planter bed with vines growing up it too.

Annie Carie said...


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