Saturday, March 6, 2010

Green Cables

It's Finished!

After weeks of work it's ready to wear!
(Well I still have to sew in loose yarn tails.)
I am glad I tried to create it! Remember I was making up the pattern.

Pretty close to the drawing...hurray!

I got inspired by a vest I saw that had patches of colors.
I didn't like the colors they chose so I decided to create my own version!
I collected all my books and few from the library.
I have three key helper books I used

Knitters Handy Book of Patterns by Ann Budd I used the child
Vest pattern and followed it for Cast on, arm hole, neck and
shoulder shaping to make my vest I just added my color changes
and stitch pattern choices and ribbing. Page 56

From Needles to Hook (it's full of stitch patterns, you could use
any stitch dictionary)

Continuous Cables by Mellisa Leapman (this book is awesome
for Cable stitch designs, I used three of her ideas in my sweater)

Pattern for Green Cables Sweater Vest
Selected my yarns. naturally Country Merino Wool Blend,
colors Naturally (cream) and Green Sheen (green) and Caron Simply
Soft Eco in Charcoal (gray) One ball of each (used all the green
but the other colors had lots left over for other projects)

Knit a couple of swatches to get gauge and an idea of the look.
I determined I was going to make a size 2 toddler vest which gave me
64 cast on stitches according to the gauge I was knitting. (5 sts inch)
All my patterns needed to go across 20 stitches except my middle
design which was across 24 stitches.

First I picked out the stitches and cables I wanted to use and
then drew my design on paper for a rough idea.
I choose these stitches
Bottom row Right to left
Diamond stitch (in green),
Parallel (raised) Line stitch (in cream),

and a Berry Stitch (in gray)
Middle Row
I got these cable stitches from Continuous Cables
baby cable (1 over 1 cables) on either side of a cable bobble design
page 116 Panel C (in gray)
a knotted diamond cable design from page 116 Panel B ( in green)
an X cable design page 104 (in cream)
Upper row
6 stitch Cable (in cream) I put this one together myself
2 Stitch Basket weave stitch (gray)
Dash Stitch (in green)
Purls (in green)
Horizontal Purl stripes (in gray)
knit 3 rows Stockinet then a row with Purls on the front face
to make a raised horizontal stripe, repeat

To make it easier to follow I copied each page and cut and pasted the
stitch guides side by side in the order I would knit them.

Tip* when changing to a new color make sure the yarns intertwine
otherwise you end up with to separate pieces and you have to
sew them together

I hope this is helpful.
I didn't want to copy anything I took out of a book
because of copy rights. If you know more about what I can or can not
do let me know. I'd love to give a better pattern but am
not sure if that is proper given the copy rights.

If you make this vest too Post it, I want to see!


Lorajean said...

wow I love it! great colors and patterns!

mer said...

wow! way to go!

futuregirl said...

What an amazing little vest! I can't believe all the stitches you packed in there. :) The color combo is great and I love what you did with the edging around the neck, arms, and waist. Amazing work!

LollyChops said...

Wow... this is stunning! I cannot even imagine making something so COOL!

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