Sunday, March 14, 2010

I do I Do

How about when you were little?
I remember small green foot prints all around the kitchen
leading to a pile of gold coins. My mom arranged it of course,
that a green footed fairy person would come to my house.

A few years ago I wanted to put up a few green thing in my home
to aid in the Celebrating of St. Patricks day. When I realized I wasn't a
big fan of Leprechauns... but I did have a love for Faeries! Little creatures
we don't see but are surrounded by. Like in fairy tales, I likes brownies,
elves, and of course winged fairies! So taking an old wooden carton apart
I began making little sign to let the fairies know I was one of the believers.
(It also sprang from my love of the story Peter Pan.)

I also feel a kin to the Cottingley girls who would play
with the faeries and take pictures. Actually I made paper
dolls and spent hours drawing and coloring and cutting
them out and designing little lives for them.
This year I want to make more fairy things with my girls.

1 comment:

Lorajean said...

I do too! I love fairies!

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