Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Knitting, knitting 1.2.3

knitting a vest for my boy
saw a vest I liked the style of but not the colors
here I am now with my yarn and knitting books making up a
design for a toddler vest
If it turns out I will post the pattern idea for you to see.


Annie Carie said...

You are so awesome! Fingers crossed that it turns out :)

Crystal said...

I'm very impressed. I've been learning how to knit a scarf for about a year now.

MarmeeCraft said...

♥ My goodness what a talented knitter you are! :) thanks for your lovely comment at my little blogling, your so sweet!

Have a beautiful day!!

Rae Ann said...

Adore your little knitted vest. Did you get it finished? Would love to see it... even have the pattern if you wanted to share it!

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