Friday, December 19, 2008

WE 3 Trees...

This is our tallest tree at 7 feet and this year we decorated it in the traditional or our original color scheme from when we first were married.

This tree I bought for our Master bedroom so I could have Christmas there too.
This year my sister LJ and I put it together and decorated it all in pink and white ornaments.
I have it on display on top of my dining room table with a nativity in front of it on one side and Santa's Sleigh on the other end of the table.

My third tree is in our family room. I call it the Kids tree because most of the ornaments are not as breakable. It was a great deal for only $30 dollars from Target last year. I have a pretty big collection of Santas and Snowmen as well as Gingerbreadmen on this tree. I also try to put up ornaments with my kids pictures inside of them.

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