Thursday, December 4, 2008

Calling all Moms

Today I have confessions to tell....
our coming boy

I am having a baby and I am scared.
I have 3 little girls already and never have I experienced such a great amount of anxiety.
So today I am turning to you my fellow sisters in blog land for your grains of advice.

So far I haven't found a book for mothers expecting there 4th baby just ones for the 1st and maybe a second. I have more worries this time around. How will I keep up with a newborn and the still make life for my other children and their needs?my hubby reading to my youngest girl
My other fears I recognize as a result of a having a miscarriage prior to this conception.
Will everything go well for this little boy? Will I carry him properly full term? Every day I count his little rolls and nudges to make sure he's alive down there. I never was this crazy with my baby girls. Yikes somedays I feel tremendously frightened that I will never meet him.

Then here is yet another fear.
He is a boy and I have never had a boy before! Will he be different do I need anything special to take care of boys? I know I am in need of boy clothes but is that all? Do I need to teach him differently than a girl? I know I am a bit neurotic here.
page from seven silly eaters book
I come from a family of 9 children I loved the unity and happy chaos of my life growing up with a big family. I have to give my mother a shout out because she really made it look so easy every time she had a baby. Being that I was baby #1 I remember nearly every time mom brought home a new baby. I only missed my sister #9 because I wasn't at home, being 22 years old and a missionary for my church. So how come I can't seem to get any comfort from her experiences right now? I suppose because it is a very different world and my sisters

So Moma's spill forth your wisdom!
Especially if you have many kiddos. Plus tips from mommy's who have lots of girls and then a boy would be fabulous. Even advice from a mom who was scared of losing a baby into the the 6th month?

Thank you Thank you!!!


Andrea said...

I guess it's natural to worry, but you will see when he gets here that you'll adjust just fine to whatever comes your way. My boy advice is to cover him up while changing his diaper--unless you want to get wet!!

I was so worried that I wouldn't know how to take care of a girl, but we've made it (so far). She naturally slipped into the girl role--playing with dolls, cleaning, dressing herself. Yet she likes to wrestle, scream and make messes just like her brothers!

You'll be just fabulous!

Lorajean said...

baby and toddler boys need just as many kisses and hugs and cuddles as girls! Toddler boys need to be taught that kissing mom and sister isn't gross. They need to be taught manners. They need to be taught that it's wrong to hit girls. They need to be taught that Mom and Dad's bed is MOM and DADS! they need to be taught that Star wars IS the best movie ever! :) They need to be taught to honor, love and follow God.

PS-(I WANT A BIG COPY OF THAT 'SISTERS' PHOTO!... We all look like super models!)

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

#1 - You all look gorgeous in that photo!

#2 - I'm sure you'll get many boy items and clothes as gifts. We did. So much so that we had too much if you can believe it!

#3 - You teach him the same as you teach your girls, only as was pointed out by Lorajean, you teach him to be respectful of girls and women - which with his older sisters he probably will learn that anyway.

#4 - Boys ar so much fun! After our six girls all in a row I was very nervous when our boy was born for many of the same reasons you've listed here. They are very different from girls but that is a good thing! They naturally are more aggresive and have more energy but can be just as sweet and l♥ving as girls.

#5 - I understand your anxiety about making sure he is carried to full term. I've had two miscarriages in a row now. It is hard because you keep thinking/expecting something will go wrong. Have faith, try not to dwell on your fears as much, you've made it this far so your chances of miscarriage now are very slim.

#6 Congratualtions!!!!!!!! I am so excited for you.

Aaron and Reina said...

It will probably continue to seem weird that you're having a boy, until the second that he is born, and then it will be the most perfectly normal thing in the world!

I'm so sad that you're still feeling anxious about this little one! I don't know what to tell you about that, except for a church answer, which you probably already know anyway, you're so smart!

I have your necklace, call me! I want to come visit you when the kids are out of school!

Daphne said...

Daryllyn, I wish I had some wisdom to share with you, but I don't, since I'm only a week ahead of you in my first pregnancy. But I have fears like you, since it is my first child. I hope to see you and hug you when I'm in colorado next month! We can talk all about this then! And you don't need my wisdom anyways. All your fabulous friends and sisters have already given you wonderful advice (above). You are already a great mom. One more tiny being is not going to change that, plus, your husband I bet is exstatic that he will finally have a son to teach him boy stuff with! Don't forget your husband. He will help you out as he always does. Or maybe more...since now he won't be the only boy in the house! I love you! Call me anytime to talk! I called Carianne on the phone yesterday and it was so comforting just to hear her voice. She sounded so much closer, it made me miss her less! PS. I think you should post that picture of you and your sisters on the friends blog. It's an amazing picture!

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