Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cookie Train

Saturday my girls and I put together our annual Cookie train.
I remember making this with my family growing up. I am not sure were my mom picked up the idea... I never have asked her. One of my favorite memories was when as a kid the electricity went out and dad built a fire in the fireplace and we sat around it in the dark eating the the cookie train!
This year I only had my hubby bring home the graham crackers and powdered sugar. I didn't want to spend money on lots of store cookies. We made our wheels with chocolate spritz cookies you press out of a cookie press. The Log car has peanut butter rice krispie bars covered with chocolate. (Yummy we eat them faster then we can save them) Then we made gingerbread men that have face from left over Halloween Dots candy. We also used these for hubcaps and tail lights. All the extras are from my eldest daughters school party (the chocolate candies and canes.) We made a snowman manger scene in front of the train. Jesus is made with mini marshmallows of course.
We had lots of fun sprinkling on colored sugar we colored ourselves over the Royal frosting I piped out to decorate and adhere cookies with!
We celebrated the the completion with Hot cocoa and Pizza!
I love annual activities!

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