Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Pink Batiste Embroidery

This dress is coming along!
I love how the embroidered bullion roses are turning out!
I used to hate them because I had no Idea I was doing them totally wrong before!
Here I have roses blooming down the middle of the lace insertion and it really is pretty!
Here I created a cluster of roses a sort of medallion on the bodice yoke. I am having so much fun! Some things we have no control over, but creating something, that I can have control over! I get to choose the colors the shapes the way the lace goes on. I can feel happy when it goes right and I love to embroider and smock! It is a therapy!!!


Annie Carie said...

wow so awesome d-lyn!

Lorajean said...

oh my isn't that the most lovely lace on those ruffles! I love it!

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