Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Seaside Rose

Found this pretty fabric online at I loved it right away too. This pretty fabric is designed by 3 sisters in their group called Seaside Rose.
I have a room painted in a soft sea blue and I love roses. At first I was just thinking of a curtain-valance, but when I received my order I loved it so much I wanted to do more!
I have sewn baby quilts and had success with those. They are much smaller and so the idea of a larger size is a bit daunting. Yet 2 twin beds called me to do more. The fact that nothing ready made even came close to the pretty fabric I had already found was also a big draw. I could have my pretty fabric choice by sewing my own quilts. So here I go. I may regret this later when I have to quilt the layers but so far the fabrics have rewarded me just by being so pretty as I sew them.
I am doing what is called a Snowball 9 patch. i found this color in sheet to help deside where to put my pieces to get a look I liked. It was fun to do and my girls even made up their own color designs too.
There are lots of online places for inspiration and for direction too. Lots of ladies also post pictures of their completed quilts as well. So I am hoping my quilt will continue into a completed project and be posted and inspire someone too.
Here is a quilting step by step click on the picture or here for directions.

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Chocolate on my Cranium said...

The fabric is simply gorgeous! The quilt looks like it's shaping up to be absolutely lovely.

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