Friday, September 26, 2008

Birds and Roses

This quilt pattern called Bird Song is by Fig Tree Quilts. I bought my pattern from Keepsake Quilting. I really like this applique quilt.
I already have a collection of pretty fabric posted previous- the blue and rose collection.
My sis asked me what I plan to do if I have a boy this time. I actually think this quilt can work nicely for a boy and still be in the blue and rose bedroom. Babies don't have to have certain colors its the mommies who are so picky. LOL.
So when I find out the gender of this little one I will finalize the ultimate color layout but it will have the beautiful Seaside Rose blue fabric on it for sure. Just don't know how many eggs will be pink over blue ;)


Annie Carie said...

I love this quilt it's so pretty!

mer said...

love this quilt pattern!

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