Monday, June 11, 2012

9 patch summer sewing class

It's summer and tome for fun sewing classes! I invited each girl to pick a doll that needed a quilt. Then we determined the size and made patches accordingly.

Then I had each girl use a hand needle and sew the patches together. Once upon a time hand sewing was an art and tiny stitches were a girls pride. So practiced tiny hand stitching, running stitches.
They each had the freedom to pick fabrics from my cotton quilting fabric. I did go through it first and weed out any pieces I had big plans for. They loved being the one to decide what colors and where they went. 
I loved that we finished them in one day!

What you don't see is the finished quilt I haven't take a photo of that yet! We used the technique for self binding where you fold the backing over onto the front. You cut the backing larger than the front. Fold in the corners. Press then fold up edge and then fold over again over top pieced and pin in place. We zigzag stitched it on. You get lovely mitered corners that way.

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Annie Carie said...

That is so cool Daryllyn! I'm totally going to do this with Babes! Love it!

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