Sunday, August 15, 2010

Horse Crazy Party!

original idea sketch and invitation
and the actual cake

I set up the table with the cake as the center piece.
Welcome to the Tall Nine Ranch.
My daughter is Horse Crazy!  This is her 9th birthday
and the fun we created for her.  She picked a pink and yellow theme,
with horses of course.  She had the idea of cake pastures and horses
with a big barn.  Lucky for her her idea~dream came true.

I iced the cupcakes with green frosting grass and put a
horse figure toy on top.  I think they look really cute.

I made Jello popcorn balls in pink strawberry and yellowish peach.
I individually wrapped them in clear plastic.  These are an easy made ahead treat.

For treat sacs or Booty bags, I used my stamps to embellish brown paper bags.
Then mounted/glued on a rectangle of yellow card stock stamped with a pink
bucking bronco. (Like the Invites)
That is a quickie the kids can do.
See those smiles!  That's why I do all this work.  My daughters loved everything.

These cute bottles of bubbles were party favors.
The horse figures in the cupcakes were also a take home favor.
Good for stuffing in their booty bag with their popcorn balls,
cookies, lip glosses, neckerchiefs, and chewing gum.
I made each girl a neckerchief/bandanna  from a triangle of fabric.

These cookies were so delicious. I made sugar cookies
in the shapes of horse heads, boots, cowgirl hats, and horse shoes. 

I made this wooden horse shoe game.

For the Wooden horse shoes game I bought wooden dowels
and wooden horse shoe shaped letters C & U.
These I painted pink and yellow and painted little paisleys on.
I would have used just the letter C's but my store only had 2 left.
The C's are easier to handle and toss.
The girls did sac races and a hobby horse races.
I tied neckerchiefs together to make a banner across the shade tents.
We sat on straw bales of course.
We also had a real horse to ride, which was the main event, of the party.
All the girls got a ride either alone or with a friend.
Thank you to our neighbor who brought her horse Cherokee over
and helped our party have a ride!
You Rock!

That was our horse crazy birthday!


mer said...

wowee! lucky girl! wish we could have been there to enjoy all of your hard work.



Annie Carie said...

What a fantastic birthday! What a lucky girl to have a mom like you :) We had a great time, I'm just sad we were only there for a little while.

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