Sunday, April 19, 2009

summer inspirations

Every year we get together for a 4th of July Family reunion PARTY!
The past years it was so fun we have continued to make it happen the following years.
We even had themes one year a Luau, another a Carnival, and last year we had a Western Rodeo theme. Every time we do these fun activities but the best is the time with our family.
This year the talk is a golfing Tee-Party with a bit of 'Summer Magic' (Disney movie with Haley Mills) period look.
Here are some pictures I found in a couple Sew Beautiful magazines. Love these knickers and colors of gray and the red.
I love these cute summer clothes. Not as period but with some tweaking I bet I could bring in this idea with a old-fashioned twist!
What do you think?

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