Thursday, April 16, 2009

a little heartbreak

Sometimes us moms get a little heartbroken.
My eldest daughter loves to write. So for Easter I included 3 composition notebooks in her basket.
One she promptly turned in to her diary. she was so excited to write in it her most private feelings and thoughts that she came and showed me her first entry.

she wrote (it is even hard to write it because it made me cry, deep breath)

"Easter is su post to be a fun halladay for everyone on the earth every were but it is not at my house at this year. My mom will not let me chose wich dres to weir.
I do not like the dres she put on me today."

oh it broke my heart.
Now she didn't think of that when she showed me this. She was just so excited to show me she was writing in her new diary.
I asked her why she didn't like her dress and she said that no one told her it was pretty in her Sunday school class.

I remember telling my mom, when I was 10 or 11, that I didn't want to wear a dress like my sisters (who were babies ages 6, 4, & 2) one Easter. So she didn't buy me a dress. That made me mad and so I went down stairs and sewed myself a dress. A yellow and white plaid dress. I even made bias tape to trim the neck edge and armholes with matching bias strips of yellow. I sewed it with black thread because I didn't know how to re-thread her serger sewing machine.
Eventually mom figured out I did want a dress, and she even bought me one. I just didn't want to be like the baby, because I was older.

I hope I can get over my heartbrake...
perhaps I just need to figure out my daughter's mind.
I think Hannah Montana needs to have a Heirloom style dress!


Lorajean said...

I would cry too! I hate that Hannah Montana is taking over the minds of little girls these days!! I did some brain washing over at our house and now Lizzy says, without any prompting on my part,
"I don't like Hannah Montana's clothes or dancing but I like her music."
;) i smile every time she says it!

Annie Carie said...

Oh sadness!!! I hope you can do some good brain washing too :)

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