Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Baby outfit DOne!

Here is the finished outfit. My hubby commented that a brand new baby will swim in this.
I did sew a 3 to 6 month outfit.
Here is a close up of the applique of the owl on a branch.
Below is the outfit I was inspired to recreate.

This outfit is for sale through Jellybabys which is in the UK. So I made my own version with a knit I purchased from the Fashion Fabrics Club, and small pieces from my stash!


mer said...

love it! so cute!

Lorajean said...

That is so awesome! I was just looking at a blog where her baby was in red and white stripped jammies and I said to Trent " Every baby needs to wear stripes at one point! or maybe even all the time!!

Annie Carie said...

SO cute daryllyn! It's adorable!

D-lyn said...

Thanks you guys!
I am excited to see it on my babes when he is big enough!

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