Saturday, December 29, 2007

Gingerbread Girls!

As a little girl My mom would make Gingerbread chains to use as an Advent calender to count down the days to Christmas. Last year I got a yummy recipe that I love to make! I always supposed that Gingerbread men were hard to make but they are so fun and yummier than any I have ever eaten before!
I usually adorn their spicy cheeks with Red hot cinnamon candies. Yet every store we searched for them at, they were out or they did not carry them! How tedious to look so many places without success! So we have their faces created with gum drops!
Here are my girls with the Gingerbread girls they designed this year! Hula skirts and all, LOL!


mer said...

daryllyn, you are so awesome.

Daphne said...

Those look delicious! Can you share the recipe with me?

Lorajean said...

Awesome D-lyn! I want that recipe too! I love that the girls decorated themselves. I love you !!!

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