Saturday, December 1, 2007


What is it about the cold weather that draws me to bake and make?

I love to have hot cocoa with something yummy in hand. This brings me to flour and mouth watering sugary greatness!
Fresh donuts can't be beat! Especially when they are still warm and freshly glazed too!

It was great my sisters and a friend came over, we chatted and ate my donuts.
A bit crisp on the edges and soft and airy almost like a cream puff inside. If they aren't puffed full of airy bliss, then I don't care much for them. Dense donuts aren't for me!

I cut my recipe in half and still get 5-6 dozen donuts! Wow! I definitely invite folks over to help eat them Up!

Just looking at my pictures gets my mouth all ready for a big bite!
Now to find the perfect recipe for French Crullers! I wonder if I could make those delicious things?


mer said...

Dlyn you are awesome! Would you give out your recipe or is that a secret? Wish I could take a big bite.

Amber said...

Yummy! I wish I could help you eat them. They look delish!

Lorajean said...

Oh D-lyn, looking at then again makes me want some! Those were the BEST dough-nuts! Love you soooooo much!!

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