Saturday, August 11, 2007

little lola Doll!

Soft dolls are so darling aren't they. I just bought this one on Etsy! I gave it to my daughter for her Birthday. She loves it. In fact all the moms at the party were delighted with this vintage looking doll. She is the perfect size for huging.
My mom checked her out (she sews) and said that she was made very well. Mom was impressed. Sometimes her opinion is that only old school sewing is done correctly. She sees alot of fast/hasty poorly sewn things. She, on the other hand, sews for perfection and will sew and rip and sew it again however many times it takes.
I'm wandering.

Returning to this doll. I loved dolls as a girl and I still Love dolls today!
When I shop for my daughters I want nice quality, so they last, and a look that is timeless and not trashy. Lots of dolls are trashy these days. So when I saw this soft hand made doll at Lolas1island on Etsy I had to order right then!!!
I love her! I love her hair and the clips in her hair! i love the little bird sewn on her skirt too!
I just had to share!

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