Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Santa Cruz California!

What fun in the sun to play all the day with my sister!
I flew to CA for a visit and it sure was fun!
I loved it. I was totally spoiled.

We spent athe first night on the 17th floor of the Marriot Hotel in San Jose. Very nice hotel!

Saturday we went to the Santa Cruz pier and the beach!

I loved listening to the ocean waves crashing on the sand!
I also enjoyed reminiscing with my sister Too! I loved seeing my sister's little boy!

He sure loves the sand and surf!
He is an angel! Though watching him play and laugh, sure added to my missing my little babes at home!

We had fun painting our nails going for walks and indulging ourselves in Spa Treatments!

I loved taking pictures while walking alosng the shore cliffs!
It was so beautiful I needed that rejuvination!


Annie Carie said...

D-lyn that top pic of you two is "woo hoo look at thoes sexy babes"!!

mer said...

it's so fun to see these pics. we had such a great time! I'll let you know when I have my pics up on a snapfish.

Lorajean said...

Ladies you are so cute!!!!!!! I miss you!

D-lyn said...

I love all my sisters!

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