Saturday, November 1, 2014

Dressing up!

We love to dress up and so Halloween is one of our favorite times!
I also  love to sew and create which causes me to get excited too.

I had a lot of fun making costumes for my littles and wanted to share them with you.

 Little red riding hood here was inspired by our Norwegian grandma.  I wanted to have a bit of flavor of that here.  It was fun to mix and match fabrics together to make her apron.  I love how her cape turned out too.  I laid her on tissue paper and traced her out and then created the pattern from that.

 Alice in Wonderland was lots of fun.  I was inspired by a vintage illustration from the book.  She was really delighted to have felt Mushrooms for her pockets.  I made her voile apron with some bound scalloped edges that I traced on with an erasable ink pen.  I was delighted with her whimsy.

 Ha ha my boy wanted to be Batman.  A charter that he has been before.  I thought about making him have quilted muscles across his chest but decided to stick with the jumpsuit pattern I had and spent my time on the utility belt of vinyl.

Sushi Baby!  I love this one.  She is of course "supper" cute!  I had seen onsies online for sushi of various types.  I decided to make a long sleeve, long pant leg version with shrimp.  Then made a skull cap with a swirl of Wasabi and a ruffle of Ginger.  She is delicious!

 Oh.... "Let it Go...."  This one really wanted to be Elsa from that movie.  Since we had a sparkly dress already I said okay.  To give it the Ice Queen her regal flare I made a cape of sparkly netting over pale blue nylon chiffon.  I sewed a simple shrug then attached a long dragging cape with loops for her fingers.  With some snowflake ornaments and silver painted crown we found at our Goodwill she was ready.  Okay..... so I caved and put really blond highlights in her hair and attached super blonde hair extensions so she could have that crazy white blonde look for that day.  She loved it and that is what matters.  .....let it go....

Rainbow Loom made her own costume all by herself.  The only thing I did was help her cut strips of old teeshirts with a a rotary cutter to make her bands to go on her loom.  She is super duper creative.

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