Saturday, April 7, 2012

Bugs 'n Butterflies party

Had so much fun making a bug themed party for my two march birthdays.

When  I asked my daughter what she wanted for her party she promptly told me butterflies.
I immediately was for that.  I still want to have a joint birthday parties (as long as they still let me) 
with my son and daughter and bugs are so boy and girl friendly!  
Caterpillars and worms for him with Ladybugsand butterflies for her.

I love bright colors so I made frosting in lime green, bright orange and popin' pink.
Sugar cookies are a fun easy theme piece too.  You can make a cookie for any thing.
I took my heart shape cookie cutter and used it to make some cute ladybug beetles.
I also made butterfly cookies and some beehive cookies too.

I of course made "Dirt and Worms"
With chocolate pudding and crushed Oreo cookies and gummy worms on top.
That one brings back lots of memories for me.  
What I didn't remember was how sweet those items are all together.  
Sugar Over Load!  (but every birthday should be right;)

I also made chocolate cupcakes in regular and mini sizes.
The bigger ones I arranged as caterpillars.  They each were as long as their age.
That really thrilled my daughter, she is trying to catch up to her older sisters.
(I wouldn't recommend explaining how that will never happen...  it means tears)

All in all it was a sugary sweet success!

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