Saturday, May 21, 2011

Prairie Girls Party

My Daughter L loves Little House on the Prairie. In fact all three of my girls 
like to pretend they are Laura, Mary or Carrie.  I had a lot of fun sewing for this party.  
I made each daughter a calico dress, apron and bonnet. 

 Then I made bonnets for each girl to have and wear at the party.  We had fun deciding
on what was a good old-fashioned treat.  We choose muffins with hand shaken butter
lemonade and and pop corn.
With candy sticks as our sugary treat, like you'd get at an old general store.  
Grandma made her a divine Lemon Meringue Pie in place of a cake.   
I wrapped up the gifts with brown paper and tied them with cream colored ribbons.
You might notice my muffins are in plastic bags.  I was so afraid they would dry out 
I didn't dare set them out in the baskets unprotected.

The girls were absolutely adorable in their bonnets!  Our first game was 
"Clothes Pins in a Bottle".  We set up three stations and with 9 girls it was 
perfectly even.  The most exciting thing at first was our baby chicks in the 
heated brooder.  They spent at least half and hour petting and watching them.

Then we played "Button Button who got the Button".  
Then we did some crafts.  We made cloths pin dolls and embroidered 
a monogram or initial on a hankie.  I made the hankies and then with a 
washable ink pen drew some cross stitch letters for the girls to sew.

It turned out to be a really fun day.

Every one took home a bonnet, clothes pin doll, wooden embroidery hoop, 
personal embroidered hankie and candy sticks. 

I also enjoyed the party myself.  Thank you mom and fam for all the help!

Hope you enjoyed seeing our Prairie Party!


Lorajean said...

This turned out awesome!! I love the photo of all the girls in bonnets! :)
I want to churn some butter and do embroidery now. It all looks so great! Great job D-llyn!

e.brooke said...

I am in love with this idea!!!

Heather said...

very cute

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