Thursday, July 30, 2009

Planning in Pink

My oldest daughter is turning 8
and so we are going to make her a very pretty dress
to wear after her baptism.
She selected some very pretty fabrics.
The fabrics are all ordered (Fashion Fabrics Club)
and I can't wait to have them arrive so we can start it!
Now i need to start looking for a pretty smocking plate for the bodice.


Aaron and Reina said...

So are you not going with the traditional white , after the baptism dress? It looks very pretty! When is she getting baptized? How are you guys doing? I miss you! I know you've had lots of family in town, so I haven't wanted to bug ya! But I've been thinking about you!

D-lyn said...

No white dress. At first I had visions of white but she really wanted pink. Mostly I wanted her to feel special and also feel like she had made a contributing choice. We are trying to teach her to make choices. Starting with something like this is pretty straight forward and the end result will be rewarding I hope.

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