Saturday, February 7, 2009

sewing for baby

Check out my collection. I am on modified bed rest and had to think of something to do with my hands to keep me from dying of boredom or restlessness.
So I sit in the rocking recliner and crochet around my flannel blankets.
I don't think a mom can have too many flannel blankets. You never know when spit up will happen.
This blanket has not gotten its edging yet. I sewed bird shapes on it to prevent the layers from moving around. I need to find a teal or aqua crochet thread. I love this birdie print, don;t you?!
This blanket was a receiving blanket set by Carters (I think?) I took 2 single layers of flannel and sewed them right sides together and insided it out. I need to decide how to edge this one too. I have already stitched circles around in random places to prevent shifting in the wash.
These two are fleece blankets that I sewed years ago to give as gifts but never did. So I pulled them out of my stash for my little guy to use. Fleece it warm for snowy days and perfect to wrap around the baby in the car seat.
Here is a onsie I embellished with an applique giraffe. I found the onsie at the dollar store and used fabric from my stash.
Sitting and resting and putting up my feet... well I am trying to make the best of it and not get bummed out, by sewing. Though when this kiddo comes I might go on a sewing strike. LOL!


mer said...

love the elephants! love it all.

Daphne said...

Everything is beautiful!!

Supercool Hotmama said...

Hey D-Lyn, I saw you stopped by my blog a while ago and wanted to come meet you! You are sure making super cute stuff for your little guy! I'm on my way to check out your etsy site! It looks like you have darling stuff over there too!

Annie Carie said...

Those are all really cute. You know what I just realized, it stresses my out to have lots of baby blankets, i feel like I have to use them all and if I have more than four than the rest is like a waste, I know I'm weird. But don't get me wrong I LIKE them all, they are ALL CUTE, thats part of the delema, if I use one more than the rest I'm not being fair to the rest LOL.

I'm actually worried that if I have another baby I'll get even more blankets and I won't know what to do with them. I have faberic to make a quilt fore Babes and I won't do it bercause then I'll have another one. (AHH)

D-lyn said...

That totally makes me laugh!
I do have a little bit of that! I have a couple blankets that I really loved how delicate and pretty they are and didn't want them to be worn out so I always put them aside. So my kids always attached themselves to blankets that where left over I guess is the term.
So now when Lilypad tells me her pink blanket has a big hole in it I don't really care because it will go along with the stroller wheel grease and I never really thought that blanket was so "pretty". But she really likes that thing.
I like having lots of blankets so I can nurse and be covered and if he spits up I just wipe it up with a blanket, toss it in the wash and I have more to grab and use. Especially flannel ones!
Thanks for your comment!

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